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First Day at Pounding Mill Quarry

Hey Guys,

I am tired so I am not going to post much. OK here goes going down there was scary it was storming and lighting and frezzing rain then snow. I have never driven in that type of weather so i got scared and thank god i got there in one peice. I still have the shakes from the drive.

Bill only stayed about 30min and then I was on my own. I still don't know where everything is because I coudl no see very well when he was showing me around. So when I did my rounds I did it just at the places I could rember how to get to. I really need Bill to show be during the daylight then I might get a general idea of where to go.

I liked the job I sat most of the time watching dvd's on my dad's lab top.

Well I am going to go I am very sleepy and tired I will try to get more into the hold day when I get up.

Good night,
love ya,
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