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Job Paper Work and Assignments

Hey Guys,

I went to SWS (southwest security) today and I filled out all the paper work so its offical, they really hired me and I am so happy. I so got my uniforms but there is a problem they are too big on me but I did manage to take a decent pic. hopefully when I get some that fit I will be able to take a better pic. It will also be better if I take it in the day light hours because its black and the light in here is not the brightest.I start working tommarow at the Rock Querry. The guy I will be getting my Training from is Bill he's my supervisor and he is a crack up. I think he is going to be fun to work with.

After I got out of SWS me and my mom went to Mcdonalds in Lebington and there was a sign that says please do not feed the cats and then I look down and right next to my window was the cutest little kitten. So I feed it a few french fries lol. It was just to quensidental because I was telling my mom about the sign and it being mean lol.

Guess what else I got to pick up tommarow. I got a GG liscense plate made like that was on e-bay except its different colors I will take a pic of it tommarow and post it. I had it made at R&S Outlet and if it turns out good I will have them make me a gg t-shirt Luke and Lorelai of course :)

I was lookign for an old kinfe to put in my duffel bag od stuff I plane to keep in the car when I am at work and you will nto guess what I found. I thought I was completly out of regular printer paper and I found a whole pack that had not even been opened yet in my shelf. Today has been kinda intersting. I just hope that tommarow is good also because the hole Friday the 13th thing is a big scary.

Well I am going to take off if I am not too tired I will put a post about my 1st day up when I get home because I will not be home till after 4am.

Good night,
Love ya
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