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New Wallpaper and a New Job

Hey Guys,

Less then 24 hrs till the next new eppy of gilmore girls I can't waite.
Here is a wallpaper I made in horner on the new eppy
spoiler warning

I also got a new job today I will still be working security but a different place and a different company. I will be working at a rock quarry and at the local mall, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. I have to go thursday and fill out all the paper work and get my uniform when I do I will show you what I look like in the new uniform. Its only a part time job and I am only making 5.25 an hour but it is still better then nothing, but soon i will be an armed security guard and then I will have a better chance of makeing more money at the job.

Well I better take off I will try to post agin tommarow. Hell I will post tommarow about GG I can't waite.

Good night,
Love Ya
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