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The Trip and the Video

Hey Guys,
I know I have not updated in a few days thats because I was sick I got a migrane wile I was at my brothers and yesterday I mostly sleep.

I am guess you are wandering how it was at my brothers, well it went pretty good except for getting sick, My brother got me a massage chair, a sound and light machine, a few stuffed animals and a Duffel bag. His girl friend got me som popuree and a stuffed bear. Me my mom and brother watched the series Firefly just about the whole time we where there and then we watched serinity. And thats about it.

Ok today well I got inspired I guess you could say and I made a new music video. This one is different from all my other music videos in that it is a three tv show cross over it has 3 of my favorite couples of course Luke and Lorelai but there is also Piper and Leo from Charmed and Gus and Harley from Guiding ligjht. Here are 2 links to my video I hope ya like it please tell me your thoughts.

here is the 1st Link:*javajunkie1981

Here is the Yousend it link:

Well thats about it from me. Happy New Years.

Love ya,
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