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Riped off and Pissed

Hey Guys,

You know I told you that I was going to get paid today right well I did and the damn company did not pay be for the 40 hours I worked they said I only worked 23 which is wrong I worked one weekend which is 2 12hr shifts and then 2 days that where 8hr shifts and is you add all of that up that is an even 40hrs then the company took out over $110 of my check and $24 in taxes so all I got on my last check was $46 not even enough to do anything.

Then today in the mail I got a bill from the hospital where I sprained my wrist a few months ago and I hurt it on the job. It is susposed to be workers comp but they did not pay any of the bill. The Bill is $170 which I don't have.

My dad say's I should send Cumberland the bill because they have to pay for it. But I have a feeling they will say where I quit even though it happend months ago that they can't pay for it.

Well I am done for now I will try to post something good later.

Love ya,
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