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Snow and Cookies

Hey Guys,

For the interst of today well its been snowing and cold burrr. The weather says we are susposed to get 3 to 5 inches of snow and it will be cold all week. Schools are already on 2 hr delay here maybe they will close before morning I don't know but I don't go to school but it always intersts me when it is canceled because when its closed there's more traffic then when they are open.

I made cookies this evening Chocolate Chip Yummy. Want some hehe..

I was mad that GG was not even nomatied for the Family Fourm Awards. Gilmore Girls is so deserving of awards and why don't they get them grrr...

I made a new friend online she seems cool.

If I don't get a new job soon I am thinking of makeing a new LL video but the only problem is finding the perfact song that has not been used amillion times.

I can't waite till christmas just 14 days to go and 29 days till Gilmore Girls comes back from hiatus.

Well I am going to go for now Talk to ya laters.

Love Ya,
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